DESI Trac Account Approval


To gain access to DESI trac you must "Register" and must fill a "Membership Form"

If you aren't already logged into this wiki, there will be a little red "Register" link on the upper right of this page.

Click that and follow the instructions below. Please make sure you follow all the instructions below to prevent delays or even rejection of your account.

  1. Fill out all the fields, even if they are marked 'Optional'.
  2. Use a username that does not contain spaces. For example, JohnSmith is OK and so is John.Smith, but John Smith is not.1
  3. Your username should also not be an email address.1
  4. Your username should start with an alphabetical character. For example, 2cool4desi is not acceptable.1
  5. Your username must be at least five (5) characters in length. For example, john is invalid, but johns is OK.
  6. For your email address, use an institutional address, e.g., [email protected] or [email protected]. Do not use Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Your institutional affiliation is how we know whether you are allowed access.
  7. Please give us your full name. It is OK to use accented characters in your full name, if that's how you spell it, e.g., Jôhn Smíth. Just use UTF-8 characters though.

After you register there are additional vital steps to be granted access to DESI trac:

  1. You should immediately receive a message from the DESI Trac system requesting verification of your email address. Please follow the instructions in that email. This will put your DESI Trac account into a state where it is ready to be approved. If you do not receive this email immediately, please notify Jeff Newman at the address below.
  2. You will be sent an email with further instructions. This will usually happen quickly (within a few days), but there may be delays due to weekends and holidays. These instructions will include a "Membership Form" that you will have to fill out before your account is approved. It is important to answer all the questions on this form, including those on both: the service tasks to enable DESI which you will undertake and the DESI research you plan to do. If you are a sponsored member unfamiliar with DESI, we suggest you discuss your answers for these questions with your sponsor before filling out the form.

If you have questions or concerns about your account approval, please contact the co-chair of the Membership Committee, Jeff Newman <janewman --at-- pitt --dot-- edu>. In particular, please inform the chair right away if you are not affiliated with a DESI institution, are unsure, or are moving to another institution soon.

The DESI Membership Committee reserves the right to delete, without notice, accounts that do not follow these rules or do not represent an intended DESI collaborator.


  1. Some non-alphanumeric characters (and especially spaces and '@' symbols) will cause problems with other systems linked to your Trac account, such as svn.

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