Notes from David Rabinowitz to clarify what happens when "MOSAIC" and "Camera" are started and stopped:

  1. Each time nocs is stopped (nocs stop all), a "POWERDOWN" command goes out through the PAN to each controller. This disables analog power to the CCD DACs and shuts off the bias voltages to the CCDs.
  2. Each time nocs is started (nocs start all), both a "RESET" and an "INIT" command goes out through the PAN to each controller. The RESET closes the camera shutter if it happens to be open, powers up the analog power to the CCD DACs, and puts the CCD into a continuous clocking mode (idle). the "INIT" initializes the DACS and clocks with their assigned voltages and enables them so that the bias voltages are applied to the CCD.
  3. When nocs stop ccp is issued, the bias voltages are disabled and the DACS are powered down and the software running on the controllers is shut down.
  4. When nocs start ccp is issued, the controller software is restarted on each controller. The bias voltages remain powered down until nocs is started.
  5. There is also an optional nocs reset ccp and a nocs init ccp. These do the same thing as the "RESET" and "INIT" peformed by the PAN when it is started by nocs.

Notice that there are two stages to shutting down the biases: disabling and powering down.

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