Mayall z-Band Legacy Survey Principles

PI : Arjun Dey

Project Goals

The Mayall z-Band Legacy Survey (MzLS) of the north Galactic cap will create a public z-band imaging survey to provide targets for the DESI survey. We will image 5500 deg2 in the north Galactic cap with the Mosaic 3 imager on the Mayall 4m telescope. The z-band survey will be done in parallel with g and r bands using the 90Prime instrument at the Steward Observatory Bok telescope.

NOAO has committed 250 nights to this project; time will be assigned during 2016A and 2017A. The collaboration is responsible for delivering reduced and calibrated data and catalogs to project Co-Investigators and NOAO and to make these data products publicly available in a timely manner. The PIs are committed to enabling a scientifically productive and open collaboration and aim to provide the data required to support the science cases of Co-Investigators and the DESI target catalog.


MzLS CoIs will be drawn from DESI Participants.

Data access

The raw data for this program is immediately public. A set of reductions as laid out in the Data Release Plan will be made public on approximately 3-month timescales. CoIs will have access to the contents of these releases prior to those releases, with the only restriction that proper citations be included in papers.

Data products, software, analyses, and ancillary data sets produced by any group of CoIs and not included in the Data Release Plan are proprietary to that group, unless and until explicitly shared with other CoIs.

Project announcements

We require that technical and scientific projects and papers be announced on the MzLS e-mail list and posted on the Projects page of the wiki. Projects can be proposed only by CoIs and their students and postdocs. The invitation to involve other CoIs is encouraged but not required. The list of CoIs in each project will be maintained on this page.

Projects can include both CoIs and "external participants". An external participant is someone who is not an official CoI but is identified by the project lead as providing value to the project. A project "participant" list (which includes all members of the project, both official CoIs and external participants) should be posted to the wiki and maintained by the project lead.

The e-mail list, wiki, and svn repository will provide collaboration tools for projects. Project titles and abstracts should be posted at least 14 days before a paper on the topic is posted in order to allow for useful contributions from other CoIs.


Technical and scientific publications will be expected to follow the standards of scholarly publications. The standards for AAS journals can be found here:

There is no notion of key projects or “builders” with authorship rights. There is an expectation that authorship be extended to any CoIs and external participants who have contributed to any paper beyond already-published work. Papers must be announced and posted at least 14 days prior to journal submission to allow other CoIs to provide comments and to request authorship when appropriate. Posting of conference proceedings is encouraged.

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