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Feasibility of using NOIRlab platforms for Spec-S5 instruments


The workshop will start Monday morning on October 23 , 2023, and run until afternoon coffee on Wednesday March 25, 2023. There will be an additional trip to the Mirror Lab on Tuesday am and to the KP summit on Thursday for anybody who wants to visit.

We have a hotel block


We recommend flying into Tucson and taking an Uber / Taxi to the Hotel. It is also possible to fly into Phoenix and then rent a car to get to Tuscon.


Zoom Connections

Platform considerations

  • Can we put a mirror larger than 4m on the Blanco / Mayall ?
    • Can we built this mirror, what is its exact size, how does it move around the mayall, how do we aluminse it?
  • What does the secondary look like and how can we hold it?
  • What does the corrector look like and how can we build it?
  • What are the restrictions that this design places on the rest of the instrument?
    • How many positioners will be there be on the focal plane? how many spectrographs and where do they go? What does the fiber system look like?
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